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Network Infrastructure Services

We know that cable networks are the backbone of the entire information technology operations which your business activities are depended on. As such, we go all the way to ensure that your hardware and networks are not just ‘boxes and cables’ but are properly designed, installed as well as administered to meet your ICT needs. We are a Cisco Partner – which means we are armed with the right solutions, training and tools to deliver a world class service that will satisfy your organizational needs.  Our team comprises a group of ICT specialists, CISCO certified engineers, and Microsoft certified specialists and network cabling professionals who have a wealth of practical experience.  Furthermore, CBS is a certified Molex premise network installer with extensive know-how of the design and implementation of structured CAT6 cabling.

IT Network Cabling and Installations

Whether you want a network for accommodating the current user base of your employees, or you experience a growing need for sharing of networking resources by all users including access to the Internet and email services. We are at your service. We provide cabling and installation of high speed data networks (Fibre, Cat 6, etc), including reliable wireless deployments. Here are some of the services that we provide:

1.      The design of wireless network

2.      Installation and commissioning of wireless network

3.      Network testing

4.      IT personnel training on network administration.

5.      Network Performance Audit


IT Support Services

We ensure good returns on the network investments by assisting with the identification of the right information systems to run on the networks and the right in-house skills for sustaining the projects. To make sure that there is a high quality of installation as well as the proper maintenance of your cabling network, we are prepared to be your long term partner. We use intelligent tools that do not only test for problems but also suggest potential course of action to correct the problems for our clients.

Network Security

This is the most important aspect of your entire network infrastructure to ensure integrity of data transmitted over the network. We can make sure that only the domain users of your organization get access to the network. When doing a network design and installation plan, we consider factors such as structural layout of the facility, building codes and safety, and physical security issues are our top priority to make sure that they are fully incorporated into the final design.

Quality assurance

We are obsessed with quality when it comes to all activities involved integrated technology management development. We use renowned quality management system from different IT and LAN standards. Some of the project management members are dedicated fully to quality auditing and improvement of project processes and products.