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Software Development Large Projects

Project Name:

Government of Lesotho e-Portal - Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology

Project Description:

The Government of Lesotho in May 2014 embarked on the implementation of the Lesotho eGovernment Infrastructure project which aims at the enhancement of good governance by the deployment of a modern and secure e-government broadband infrastructure. The project focuses on the utilization of ICT on governance frameworks that underpin the effectiveness of public sector.The project further aims to develop institutions and processes that allow the private sector to provide and the people to partake of the benefits of newer technologies. The outcome of the project will include improved internal workings of the public sector leading to reduced financial costs and transaction times; better integrated work flows and processes that would enable effective resource utilization across ministries and various public sector agencies.

The key objective of the project:

  • enhance coordination across ministries, key agencies and local governments;
  • enhance coordination across ministries, key agencies and local governments;
  • improve provision of e-services for state building such as automated administrative services including e-payroll, civil registration, e-health, e-procurement, e-customs etc.
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Infrastructure Large Projects

Project Name:

Laboratory Information System Hardware

Client: Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health together with their sponsor Association of Public Health Laboratories undertook to digitize Government of Lesotho and CHAL hospital laboratories across the ten districts of Lesotho from 2011 to 2014. The objective was to reduce the turn around time for patients’ results and to maintain their records. CBS implemented the infrastructure to host the systems across eighteen (18) hospitals. We further delivered basic computer skills for the personnel from the hospitals. We continue to provide post implementation support to reduce downtimes due to hardware and infrastructure failure to ensure that the patients continue to reap the benefits

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Training and Capacity Building Projects

Experience with large projects:

The Training Business Unit

CBS continues to actively train both individuals and various groups of people. A wide variety of courses is available in both IT and Business (Corporate training). The following examples illustrate our recent experience in IT and Corporate Training:

  • Spreadsheets Training using Microsoft Excel to 80 Government Officials including Statisticians under the sponsorship of UNDP in collaboration with the European Union (2018),
  • Training and certification of over 525 candidates from various companies and organizations on International Computer Driving License (ICDL) (2014),
  • Customer Service Management Training to 198 Lesotho Electricity Company delegates (2017),
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